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The Bravante Produce packing facility runs a state of the art citrus packing line and cold storage facility. Processing more than 2,000,000 boxes of citrus, grapes and stone fruit. There is quality in every box we process.

We have eight high-capacity forced air cooling tunnels and the ability for 18-load daily output. Our facility has a maximum capacity to pack 1.75 million Navels, 400,000 Valencias, 150,000 Lemons and 50,000 Minneolas. We can store 2,500 pallets (200,000 boxes) at any time. Our cold storage is long-term grape storage capable, maintaining 0 Celsius and 90% humidity, with Dual Paradox/Honeywell cold storage controls for safety and accuracy. The cold storage is 40,000 total square feet and has 8,000 square feet of order/staging area with USDA export spec inspection tables and lighting.

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