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Delicious fruits fresh from the field

The majority of the fruit we pack and ship to market is grown on our own ranches. As farmers and professional citrus growers, we are dedicated to nurturing our crops to provide delicious and nutritious fruits with vibrant colors and flavor. You can often find us walking the rows in our fields as we develop and implement technology, practices and programs that improve growing conditions and ensure the best fruits make it from our farms to your table.

Steve Spaulding

Farm Manager & Grower

As Farm manager and grower for Bravante, Steve Spaulding manages our Navels, Valencias, Lemons and Minneolas. Steve is the fourth generation of Spauldings who are well known citrus growers throughout the Central Valley. Steve brings more than 35 years of experience growing citrus to the table, along with hands on management of 3,450 acres of citrus, 450 family owned, throughout several counties and with 20 full-time employees, with a licensed PCA on staff and a commitment to growing the best quality citrus by exceeding county, state, and federal regulations.

Steven Spaulding

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